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I want to...
Kimi's holiday resolutions:
Get a design portfolio up on the net
Finish the first draft of Lamentations
Maek monies
...lose a bit of weight? Haha
Give Kam the souvenir I bought in Melbourne 6 months ago
Finish some of my backlog of DVD's/Games

Kimi's 2007 resolutions Get a boyfriend (haha... D:)
Stop being lazy and talk more with the people I like
Get enough money to go overseas
Get better job
Apply myself to my studies a bit more so I can do honours
Write more
Draw more

Let's see how I fess up in a year.


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From five days ago...
No longer a teen now! D:

Uneventful birthday. Got chocolate and a ring from Four WInds Gallery. mathew is organising to get me a new Wacom Tablet.

Ummm... am I the only one who remembers how to log-in or something? 15 entries in a year is just lame.


Binged @ 11:07 p.m. {Tuesday, September 5, 2006}

This blog is
...not dead! Yet.

Hmm... maybe I should try to update it every two weeks or something. Get that new layout up. Except I haven't looked at it in ages so I might hate it D:

I'd like a One Piece layout, because Oda's art fills me with happy and awesome.

Haha, too bad I'm really braindead nowadays when it comes to coding...


Binged @ 01:10 a.m. {Saturday, July 22, 2006}

Haha, Sasuke came back. He's such an asshole... I love it. Naruto might actually be worth reading again now... Although I've skipped 30 chapters or something so I don't know what's going on, but oh well.


Binged @ 02:20 p.m. {Wednesday, May 24, 2006}

Rest in peace
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We had Coco put down today. Her health had been failing and we'd taken her to the vet a few days ago; the verdict was that we could take a billion tests but it wouldn't make much difference to the end result, and that trying to prolong her life would only be a selfish wish on our part. We gave it a few days to let things pass by and give some time, so Dad and Nick went to the vet this evening and came back with an empty basket. I didn't really want to come, it'd only be depressing. I'm not too down about it. The past few years it was always a matter of 'when', not 'if'. she'd lived a good, long life for 18 years. It'll just be wierd not having her around, you know. She's been around for as long as I can reemember. There'll be that void on the couch where she use to sit. But she was always Nick's cat, so it seemed fitting that she passed away peacefully in his lap.

At least she won't have to worry about kitty bothering her anymore. I wonder how he'll take it... probably better than the two Burmese my parents use to have. One got hit by a car and Daiyu, the female, carried on and on until they had to give her away.

You had a good, long life, Blobs. Better to have gone in peace than violence or agony.


Binged @ 07:31 p.m. {Monday, May 15, 2006}

Kimi's E3 2006 wrap-ip

Wiimote zelda fishing! Zomg. I swear, I played Ocarin of Time's fishing years after I finished the game. I'm a little 'zuh?' about using the Wiimote for other gameplay mechanics, but I might just get Wii-version Twilight Princesss for the fishing.

But I'm sorry, Nintento, I just can't help but wince every time I say 'Wii' out-loud. I'll live with the name, I swear, it's just that Revolution rolls off the tongue so much better. Wii looks cute as text though, and the machine looks slick, but gods... the name just has a bad connotation that will take getting use to.

Won't comment on 360 because I've never been interested in the Xbox anyway.

but Sony? Jesus... AUS$799-999 for the PS3? Are you fucking crazy? People are not going to stomach that well, not when retail spending is in a slump already. The graphics are shiny and sublime and MGS4 trailer looks droolable, as do other titles, but Jeebus on a stick... I don't think many people were expecting it to be so much. This isn't your average household christmas present type thing. If you actually want to DO anything with your PS3, as oppose to a 5kg box sitting in your living room, it's going to be more than $1000. They broked the 999 barrier. I'll be waiting this particular console out anyway. And gyroscopes? I'm sorry, after you bashed Nintendo's controller... just, no Sony. You're lame. And I'm sad because I know some customers won't understand that the Wii and PS3 controller work completely differently, and will ignore the Wii while going "OmG teh PS3 graphics and controller are teh amazing lolz Wii sucks" or something. because the Wii is hardly a mainstream console, what with its non-shininess and all.

Nintendo press conference was not quite as convincing as I would have liked, but I guess the Wii isn't something you can get across in words and pictures, especially when the pictures look sub-par compared to the competition. Nintendo isn't playing the graphics game, and I can deal with this; they look better than the GC anyway, which is nice. And Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros? genius. I think you just exploded the Penny Arcade forums anyway. But above all it looks fun, in a cracktastic, funky way that only Nintendo can get away with. Now, hopefully they'll be a blast to play and people will actually play them. Hopefully Nintento will hit the US$199 AUS$399-ish sweet-spot and I'll get one on launch along with Zelda.

Blaaaah to assignments


Binged @ 07:12 p.m. {Saturday, May 13, 2006}

Oh my, that's terrible. One of my greatest fears is Janny carking it before she manages to finish telling us if Arithon ever gets laid. But she's a healthy woman who leads a full and... healthy lifestyle.. with plenty of fresh air and... horses.

Did I tell you my harddrive died? >_> DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ART I LOST? ... *cries miserably*

In other news... I actually updated KnT today probably for the last time. It's not that I've lost my fondness for these characters, but I don't have the time in maintaining a website, and since it's finished now, I don't even have new data to update it with. Anyway, I'd still like to do a last layout for it, if only to edit out the unsightly menus and useless data on this one.

And I just realised... I've forgotten A-B[dot]net's password and username. Good thing I have that saved on cookies, but still... kinda worrying.


Binged @ 09:20 a.m. {Tuesday, April 4, 2006}

I'm sure a lot of fansa have joked than Robert Jordan may cark it before he finishes WoT, given the completely slowness of book ten and others. Unfortunately that's not horribly far from the truth. I've often hoped that my own writing will survive as more than just thoughts in my head and a bunch of mismatched chapters, so the idea of never seeing the end of a work come to fruition has always seemed an awful one. I think he will finish the main story (Although how he'll fit all of that plot into one more book I don't know...), but yeah... I wish him all the best anyway.

Also, people on Wiki have too much time, but the parallels are interesting nevertheless. Jordan admitted that Rand is also based on Tyr, the Norse god of strife, and Perrin has similarities to the Slavic god Perun.


Binged @ 11:48 p.m. {Tuesday, March 28, 2006}

My Motherboard diiiiiiied. So I'm posting from Uni. Not having ones own computer is rather inconvenient. But hey, at least the HDD didn't die.


Binged @ 04:18 p.m. {Friday, March 17, 2006}

They should nerf the cuteness.

There she is! and There she is! Part 2.


Binged @ 11:46 p.m. {Sunday, March 5, 2006}

Happy Birthday! X3 Hope you had a lazy lovely sunday.


Binged @ 10:09 p.m. {Sunday, March 5, 2006}

*gasp* it lives!
Was beginning to wonder when we'd update this.

That be a damn smexy icon though. Reminds me, I've been saving amusing icons while on LJ (Mostly Bleach ones because I'm on a few communities). They have a Bleach Rock Musical, you know? I find this prospect scary. I actually saw some clips, and it's kind of funny in a really crack way...

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

And w00t, don't know if I mentioned it but I did end up getting in to all the courses I wanted. I'm looking forward to Uni, but it'll be a change from bumming around. I'm use to not really having to do anything T_T. I miss coffee time...

Also, this site is crack.


Binged @ 03:57 p.m. {Sunday, February 26, 2006}

It's clean!
Unlike my room.

Soooo... what's up?

I was catching up on all the gossip floating around and...

ZOMG, look at this!

Ok, now scroll down.

Wait for it to load a bit.

Keep scrolling.

Just keep your finger on that scroll button.

Load... load...


Is... that... Arithon?

Hells yes! And damn, JRM is hot as Arithon. :p
Actually, I recall that many years ago before the Pirates Movie, there was a discussion on who would we like to see as Arithon, and he was on my number one spot. But then JD came along and what with the falling over and slurred accents and sexy pirate love, I forgot all about JRM.


Binged @ 09:26 a.m. {Saturday, February 18, 2006}

Maybe it was hoping for too much that Marcos Baghdatis would win against Roger Federer...

Well, my prediction of the Aus Open being either really boring or somewhat interesting were right.

Man, we haven't posted in aaaages. I might be going in to Uni tomorrow with a friend to complain about the fact that enroling in my courses was more complicated than necessary, and that there aren't anough Object Design classes. Only 40 places out of 100-130 students! And for what I thought was a very popular and core subject. Murf. At least I got into Media/Graphics, but then again, that has 80 places.


Binged @ 10:38 p.m. {Sunday, January 29, 2006}

It's terribly lonely on this blog right now...


Binged @ 11:27 p.m. {Monday, January 2, 2006}

I saw the sunrise this morning... that was kind of nifty~

But also sad, because I was still awake DX. Gawd so tired could have slept on grass but no, I sucessfully walked home.

But anyway... HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE! Lets hope this year is better than the last.


Binged @ 04:49 p.m. {Sunday, January 1, 2006}